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Black Urban Arrow L E-Cargo Bike being ridden in a park

E-Cargo Bike Loans

Lewisham Business E-Cargo Bike Project

LCC is partnering with the London Borough of Lewisham to lend e-cargo bikes to local businesses to help them be less reliant on motor vehicles. E-cargo bikes can be a quicker and more cost effective way of moving goods around a neighbourhood.

Replacing short van or car journeys with a more sustainable alternative  means your company is helping to reduce emissions, reduce congestion and showcasing the changes needed for London to tackle climate change. It’s also a very public way to show your company’s green credentials. We will add your logo to the bike as part of the project.

If you are in Lewisham and interested then get in touch with LCC’s Mike

What is an e-cargo bike?

Cargo bikes come in all shapes and sizes but it is essentially a cycle that carries lots of stuff (or people). The ‘e’ bit means that it is electric assisted – that means there is a battery that provides extra power to the person cycling it. This means you can transport more weight, cycle for longer distances or get extra help going up hills. You still have to pedal but you don’t need to be fit and strong to move lots.

We have two bikes to lend

What can I carry on an e-cargo bike?

Anything really that can go in a car or a van. We’ve seen whole house and office moves done by e-bike. If you already deliver stuff or get supplies by car or van then most things can fit on an e-bike.

We’ve seen florists delivering their flowers, breweries moving kegs, bakers delivering bread, pharmacies delivering prescriptions – the list goes on.

Also if you provide a mobile service that needs equipment we seen this done too. We’ve seen cycling electricians, plumbers, window cleaners, community health visitors, police officers and paramedics.

How hard is it to ride an e-cargo bike?

Most people who can ride an everyday cycle can use a cargo bike. These cargo bikes are electric which makes it easier to ride with heavy loads.

We will provide training to your staff who will ride the bikes – both in general cycle skills and in how to ride an e-cargo bike safely. This is more important for the larger of the two bikes as it requires a bit of practice to use.

We will give you a lock. We’ll also provide you with any extra equipment you want such as helmets or hi-vis. As well as help if there is a problem with the bike.

Am I eligible?

Is your business within the London Borough of Lewisham? If so yes, just get in touch with Mike.McSherry@lcc.org.uk 

You will need to have a secure place to store the bike overnight so it doesn’t get stolen.

How much does the loan cost?

The loan is free. You should make sure that your insurance covers the use of bike by your staff – if you need extra insurance then that will be your cost but in our experience this should be minimal.

How long is the loan for?

2-3 months

Can I have it for longer?

The aim of the project is to see if an e-cargo bike is right for your business. And if it is worth investing in. We can help you find the right bike for you to purchase after the loan has ended.

Can I  borrow an e-cargo bike?

Firstly get in touch by e-mailing Mike.McSherry@lcc.org.uk . He can talk through if the cargo bikes will work for your business.

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