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New videos help riders enjoy new cycle routes

London Cycling Campaign | 24th September 2020

If you are new to cycling in London read on for helpful videos and advice. If you are a regular rider please share this page with anyone you know who may need advice or guidance as they take advantage of the many new school streets, temporary cycle tracks and  neighbourhoods where through traffic has been restricted. Many of us took the opportunity of lockdown to try cycling on the roads with children - the absence of motor traffic made it easy and pleasant. A lot of that traffic is back but TfL and some councils have retained the more inviting (car-free, or low traffic ) conditions by installing protected cycle lanes,  neighbourhoods where through traffic is restricted, school streets which are closed to traffic at drop-off and pick-up times and some additional bike stands. But while the new infrastrucutre and quieter neighbourhoods are enjoyable and inviting,  new riders can also benefit from both tips and training.  "Bikeability" confidence training with qualified instructors is  a first choice for new riders and socially distanced traning is becoming avalaible in some boroughs (check council websites for updates on the return of traning schemes) . If you can't access Bikeability  you can take advantage of the remote learning below, or participate in the  fresh Cycle Buddies intiatives providing one-to-one route guidance offered  by  volunteers from several of  LCC's local groups. Here are our recommended videos: First off there is the excellent Return  to Cycling video from LCC presented by Clara Parr Second the newTfL cycle skills video course  which not only gives you assorted tips on urban cycling but also, if you complete the course, gives you a day's free travel on a Santander cyle hire bike. There are four short modules including one on cycling with children. Thirdly, we've already promoted the Cycle Scotland Bikeability videos for children.  These are the training steps of the national Bikeability programme which, under normal circumstances, is run in many schools and in special sessions for adults. These video clips, split into stages, were made for Cycle Scotland

Bikeability level 1 is set in a traffic free environment and teaches basic bike checks and control skills.

Bikeability level 2 is conducted on road and teaches how to negotiate simpler  junctions and less busy road environments

Bikeability level 3 – not covered by these videos, teaches journey planning and negotiation of more complex junctions.

Bikeablity traning is due to resumes in schools so  you may wish to ask at your chldren's school whether sessions are being conducted (they usually take place in primary school in years 5 and 6)

Fourthy and finally here is a link to a video from Ford and LCC specifically about avoiding lorry danger in which a lorry driver and cyclist exchange places to see the view from above and from below.