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People cycling waiting at cycle specific lights on cycle lane C9 in Chiswick

Support C9 in Chiswick

Transport for London is consulting to make C9 permanent along Chiswick High Road - show your support by Monday 3 April.

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The hugely popular Cycleway 9 (C9) cycle track scheme was installed using an experimental traffic order in 2020 in Hounslow and Hammersmith & Fulham. Now Transport for London is consulting on whether to make the Hounslow section permanent or remove it.

Hammersmith & Fulham have already made their section permanent, and we obviously want the Hounslow section made permanent as well. Unfortunately, there are some very angry Chiswick residents and the usual suspects who attack every cycling scheme who want the latter.

Please, if you live, work or travel in the area, have used the scheme or seen it in action, do support it being made permanent before Monday 3 April – click the link and tell your friends and family too!

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What next for C9?

The two-way cycle track scheme on Chiswick High Road is part of the Cycleway C9 route. The next section west from Kew Bridge towards Brentford going into construction now, with the route planned to stretch through Hounslow town centre, and eventually to Heathrow, in future phases. To the east, the scheme currently ends at Olympia, arriving via King Street and a transformed northern half of Hammersmith Broadway. But we hope it will eventually connect via Kensington High Street to C3 in Hyde Park, enabling those cycling from west London to reach Tower Bridge, Stratford and beyond on seamless, safe and comfortable protected cycle routes.

Thousands of people are already using C9 daily (there are regularly more cycles than cars, and it has the highest cycle counts of any outer London cycle track). However, some local politicians and residents hate it. So we’re asking everyone who cycles or wants to cycle there (or walks, shops, takes the bus etc.) to use our 1-minute consultation form today to support the scheme.

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Cycle lane C9 Chiswick with Roger cycling

C9 cycle lane in Chiswick

Cycle lane C9 in Chiswick with floating bus stop

What we think about the scheme…

The scheme itself is aces – but there are issues worth highlighting. To the east in Hammersmith & Fulham side roads need better designs, and more filtering to cut ratruns from the A4. Hammersmith & Fulham Council admitted as much them themselves in their recent deliberations: we just need to get on with fixing the side roads in their section. And we obviously want the scheme extended soon at both ends – to close the gap on Kensington High Street and to extend through Hounslow to connect Heathrow workers to the airport (we also connections to destinations north and south off the scheme).

Please do consider raising these and/or other issues with your experience of the scheme. It’s up to you what you want to feed back on the scheme – but mainly it is important to get folks supporting it – because there’s some determined to stop the scheme being made permanent.

Take action: support C9

Take our easy, two minute action to support Cycleway 9 in Chiswick being made permanent before Monday 3 April

Want more cycle routes?

Our local group in Hammersmith campaigned for C9 for years. We can't campaign without your support. As a charity, our 12,000+ members across London make our work possible.


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