Candidates for our 2012 trustee election, plus AGM information

Eighteen members stood for election for five places in 2012, with results announced at our AGM on 14 November.

You can read the candidate statements below and their answers to the questions from our members here. You can find information about our AGM and motions here.

2012 candidates

Academic researcher

I’m an academic researcher specialising in cycling ( experiences and advocacy. I’m interested in inclusivity, and how wider uptake of cycling can reduce inequalities. Another focus is helping to make transport modelling transparent and participatory ( I’d bring expertise in policy analysis, writing for publications, event organisation, and links with academics, including overseas ones (eg, Denmark).


Writer & musician

Involved with LCC for nearly 20 years, while on the Camden Cyclists committee I was much involved with the campaign for segregated cycle tracks. In Brent, I helped restart the local group, and later the group in Harrow. I’m now coordinator of Brent Cyclists, and campaigned for LCC to adopt the Love London, Go Dutch platform. I’m on the board of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain and am author of the Vole O’Speed blog (


Historic building surveyor & consultant

I’m female and over 50 and have been cycling in London for over 30 years. Cycling is how I travel around and I’m frequently encouraging noncyclists to take up this mode of transport. I’m representative of cyclists who don’t often get a voice in discussions about cycling in Greater London. I love that cycling is becoming more popular and want to support wider engagement through making cycling safer and more inviting.


Retired chartered surveyor

I’ve served on LCC committees since 2008, which has informed my trustee responsibilities for local groups and, since 2009, as coordinator for Merton. I find working at LCC relationships stimulating and rewarding. I’ve led and marshalled rides, and worked with colleagues on HGV and other issues. As well as a CTC R2R rep, I also support Living Streets, 20’s Plenty, RoadPeace and am a provisionally Accredited Cycling Instructor.


Project manager

After 10 years in international development, I moved back to London in 2004. I cycle my two kids in a cargo bike every day and I’d like to help LCC increase its reach to women and young families. Passionate about Go Dutch, I chaired the Big Ride organising committee this year and also helped organise the Campaigners’ Conference. I have the time, energy and project-management skills to strengthen the board in supporting LCC.


Regeneration consultant

I run a regeneration consultancy, and enjoy contributing to improving places, organisations and people’s skills. I’m strategic, entrepeneurial and practical, able to apply these skills across disciplines. I’m interested in how LCC can influence driver/cyclist behaviour, and in income generation. I’ve cycled London’s roads for 34 years (driven for 22), belong to London Dynamo cycling club, and was trustee of Skyway, Hackney for three years.


Software developer

I currently work as a software developer in the City and campaign for Croydon Cycling Campaign, for whom I’m the web administrator. I also work on legal issues as part of the helmet-camera cyclist community. I’m interested in seeing new technology used to best effect in cycling campaigning, and want to see London’s urban space made a safe and pleasant place for cycling for people of all ages and abilities.


Lighting designer

Born and raised in Hackney, I’m now a father with a desire to see many more families enjoy life in London on two wheels. I was one of the active Love London, Go Dutch campaigning ‘champions’ and feel that allowing Londoners the choice to cycle and use public space safely is at the heart of my values. I have experience in delivery on campaigns at local level, and would be delighted with the opportunity to work with LCC as a trustee.


Digital marketing account director

I’m young, passionate, enthusiastic and full of energy. In my day-to-day work I use the power of communications to sell products and ideas. With this wealth of experience I believe I could make a difference to LCC. I’ve admired the work that’s already been done from afar, and would love to help by getting involved. I strongly believe that together we can make London safer and more pleasant for cyclists. Please vote!


Social entrepreneur

LCC needs business skills as well as campaigning zeal for it to grow to the next level. The staff team’s Herculean efforts have seen LCC respond well to austerity and stiff competition. As the board’s businessman and chair of the Income Generation Committee, I’ll continue to channel their fizzing energy into attracting funding for our campaigning through new areas of sponsorship, membership and service provision.


Digital marketer & journalist

I’m an avid cyclist, using my bicycle as my primary source of transportation. Professionally, I work in digital marketing and journalism, but I am pretty handy with a set of spanners, work as a Dr Bike for the likes of LCC and Transport for London. My skills are in communication, getting people to engage, using social media platforms to get feedback, and creating brand communities, which are a strong tool for campaigning.


Writer & handyman

When I moved to London in 2005, I discovered the city on two wheels. In the past, I ran a small charity in Canada, and more recently I completed an MA in Creative Writing. I would bring to the role my passion for cycling, alongside strong communication and organisational skills. After a cycle trip with my family through Holland this summer, I’ve become an evangelical advocate of LCC and the Love London, Go Dutch campaign.


Legal headhunter

A daily cyclist for more than 10 years, I’ve been an active member of the Islington Cyclists Action Group since moving to the area in 2009, and am now the group’s secretary. I believe passionately in the benefits of cycling for all, from improved health through to quieter neighbourhoods, from affordable transport to shorter, more reliable journey times, and from cleaner air through to the universal pleasure of riding a bike in the sun.


Communications & fundraising

I’m a communications, social media and fundraising professional who’s recently returned to London. Previously, I worked for a non-profit legal advocacy organisation fighting for the rights of homeless people in Vancouver for seven years. This gave me an understanding of the role of the board of trustees, especially in identifying fundraising and other opportunities. I live in Haringey and I cycled daily from Islington and Camden for seven years.


Freelance writer

I’ve been a London Cycling Campaign activist since 1999 and have previously been coordinator of Hackney Cyclists, and currently am secretary. I’ve been on the board since 2004, and am standing again to continue my work on policy, currently as chair of the Policy Forum. I’m very keen that we develop a Vision for London, setting the agenda and telling local authorities and TfL what they should do before we have to react to their ideas.


Management consultant
Kensington & Chelsea

As a new member, passionate about London and the benefits of cycling (and walking), I joined LCC because of Love London, Go Dutch. After the mayoral hustings, I canvassed at Earls Court during the elections and took part in the brilliant LCC campaigners conference in September. I’ll bring my background in law, media, business, coaching and non-exec roles to help develop LCC’s work to create safer, healthier and smarter cycling for all of us.


Retired IT director

Coming from a strategic and management role in both IT and local government, I’m now retired and have been an active member and campaigner for LCC and Havering Cyclists for three years. I’m also a board member of the London Waterways Partnership, looking after the London Canals and Rivers Trust. My aim is to encourage more cyclists of all ages to enjoy the pleasures of cycling round London in a safer environment.


Civil servant

I’m a cyclist: my bicycle is my main form of transport around London and I love it. I wanted to become a trustee of the London Cycling Campaign  because I can imagine just how amazing London would be as a city of cyclists. Since February of this year, I’ve been lucky enough to be a co-opted trustee and have tried to promote this idea. If elected, I’ll have the chance to continue the work that I’ve be doing on the board.