Your votes decided our 2012 mayoral election campaign

We asked our members if there's one thing that Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone and the other mayoral candidates should do to promote cycling in London over the next mayoral term, what would it be?

Nearly 1000 members voted that our major campaign should be 'Go Dutch: clear space on main roads for cyclists'.

Now, we're preparing to run a massive campaign in the lead up to the Mayoral and Assembly elections in May 2012.

We're sure that Go Dutch is an issue that'll excite Londoners and pave the way towards a cyclised city.

The choice was from the following four options:

Voting might be over, but it's not too late to help shape the campaign. Why not join the debate on our forum.

If you're a member of LCC but didn't get a chance to vote, contact our membership team and we'll make sure you can take part next time.