Space for Cycling Local Election Campaign 2014

From 7th April to 22nd May 2014, with the help of thousands of Londoners, we called on every candidate in the 2014 local council elections in London to support one specific action to create safe Space for Cycling in their local area. 

We developed 629 suggested cycle improvements – one per electoral ward, across 32 boroughs in London. These fell into one of 6 categories:

  • 1. Safer Routes for schoolchildren
  • 3. Protected space on main roads/major junctions
  • 2. Areas without through motor traffic
  • 4. Safe cycle routes via parks and canals 
  • 5. 20mph speed limits
  • 6. Liveable town centres


  • 84550 emails were sent by 6595 people to 6776 local election candidates calling on them to support the cycle improvement identified in their ward.
  • 3384 candidates (50% of the total number standing) across all the major political parties agreed to support Space for Cycling and the specific local cycling improvement identified by the London Cycling Campaign in their area.
  • Of the 1851 councillors elected, 862 pledged to support Space for Cycling and the local measure identified in their ward. That’s 47% of all elected councillors.

Our custom website features details of all 629 ward-specific demands, which were decided by local people, as well as an online 'email your candidates' action tool, used by supporters to send nearly 90,000 messages to politicians.

The Big Ride ride and rally on Saturday 17 May 2014 around motor-traffic-free streets in central London attracted 5000 participants and major media coverage.

Other activities supporting the campaign included on-street protests during the Tube strike, a political cartoonguerrilla knitting, and a local campaign event in every borough.

LCC's Space for Cycling campaign was also adopted by numerous UK organisations, including CTC (the national cyclists' organisation) and cycling organisations in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield – who organised their own lobbying activities and rides in support of the Space for Cycling policy platform.

 Campaign Results

Thousands of LCC members and supporters across London supported the campaign by writing to their candidates, asking them to support the local measure identified in their ward. You can read what happened here

Local Councils

Our councils control a staggering 95% of London’s streets. They have the power to create safe Space for Cycling in every neighbourhood. The local elections were a golden opportunity to make sure the people who represent us heard this message and showed their support for Space for Cycling. A huge 50% of all candidates standing supported Space for Cycling, thanks to the amazing efforts from our supporters! This translated into an incredible 47% of elected councillors who agreed to implement a specific local cycling improvement. Our task now is to make sure this happens.

Local Groups

Our amazing, committed teams of local volunteers identified the single, local, high priority measure that should be taken to create safe space for cycling in every single electoral ward in London – that’s an incredible 629 measures in total! Read about how they did this. They will now be working with councillors to make sure that the measures identified are realised.

Read more about the Space for Cycling campaign

Get Involved

The local elections on 22 May 2014 were a crucial opportunity to aim to influence the way our neighbourhood streets are designed to make them safe for cycling and walking.

Our Local Groups, one in each London borough are now working hard in your local area to make sure this happens. If you want to find out what they're up to or help, please email or contact your Local Group directly.

Or find out how you can help to create safe space for cycling in your local area with our suggestions on how you can lobby your local councillors directly.

Our Space for Cycling, 2014 Local Elections campaign was officially supported by Evans Cycles, the Bicycle Association, the Dutch National Embassy, and other organisations such as the Birmingham Cycling Campaign and Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign.

When did the Space for Cycling Campaign begin?

We launched our Space for Cycling campaign immediately after the death of 20-year-old student Philippine de Gerin-Ricard at Aldgate on Friday 5 July 2013, telling Mayor Boris Johnson, Transport for London and the media that Londoners need dedicated "space for cycling" to keep them safe.

1500 people attended the first peaceful Space for Cycling protest ride from Tower Hill to Aldgate, which took place a week after the fatal crash on Friday 12 July.

Just 10 days later, on 15 July, 45-year-old Alan Neve was killed cycling through Holborn, and we renewed our call for 'Space for Cycling', organising a second protest ride in just 24 hours, which was attended by 2500 people.

Both protest rides were filmed by live TV crews from the BBC and ITV, as well as national and regional print and online media.

With the widespread interest in and support for our Space for Cycling campaign, we organised a third protest ride for 2 September, to coincide with the Get Britain Cycling debate at the Houses of Parliament. 

5000 people took part in a magnificent rally that encircled the Houses of Parliament with cyclists from all walks of life riding for the cause. 

At Bow roundabout, LCC managed to rally together 1000 people in just a matter of hours, all of whom were sending a message to the Mayor that cycling deaths are unacceptable.

Read about the four protests: