Board committees advise and oversee staff members in key areas

Two main Board sub-committees oversee our activities, and each is chaired by an trustee:

  1. Campaigns & Active Membership
  2. Business Committee

The responsibilities of both sub-committees as well as their current membership are set out below.

Co-options to these committees will be made by open recruitment, the details of which will be announced to members.

Campaigns & Active Membership (C&AM)

Meeting regularly with the staff Campaigns Team, this sub-committee takes oversight of our campaigns, including helping to increase the engagement of members and supporters in these.

  • Amy Foster and Megan Sharkey (committee Co-Chairs)
  • James Heath
  • Christian Wolmar
  • Chris Kenyon
  • Matt Sparkes

Business Committee

This sub-committee includes people with experience of business and charity finance, and meets with the Chief Executive and the finance, marketing and consultancy teams.

  • James Heath (committee Chair)
  • Simon Clark (Treasurer)
  • Megan Sharkey
  • Terry Patterson
  • Neil Webster

Board Working Groups

None at present

Infrastructure Advisory Panel

This group of infrastructure experts and committed volunteers and campaigners is organised via and reports to the C&AM sub-committee and exists to further infrastructure expertise throughout LCC and its borough groups and campaigners, and to provide support to the staff team on infrastructure-related issues.

Members of the panel are annually chosen from applications to C&AM.