Gear reviews


Product Review: Lucas KOTR R500 front lightPublished: 12:12pm 6 February 2014

Lucas KOTR R500 Front light£85

This is an incredibly powerful LED front light with full beam output of 565 lumens, plus two lower settings of 280 and 140 lumens respectively. There's also two flashing modes to al...

Book Review: The History of Cycling in 50 BikesPublished: 12:02pm 6 February 2014

The History of Cycling in Fifty Bikes £12.99by Tom Ambrose

This is an enjoyable journey through a 220-year history of cycling, going from the hobby-horses of the late 18th century to the latest futuristic designs.
Two hundred years later...

Schwalbe Marathon Deluxe tyresPublished: 2:31pm 19 December 2013

SCHWALBE Marathon Deluxe

The Marathon series is widely regarded as the most puncture-proof in the world — a version of the Marathon Plus is used on Boris bikes — as they feature a thick band of rubb...

Cycloc Endo bike hookPublished: 12:46pm 16 December 2013


New bike for Chrimbo or need to create more storage space? The Endo’s a stylish solution for homes and workplaces that require vertical bike hanging. The ‘hook’ part (fo...

Full Windsor Nutter bike toolPublished: 12:38pm 16 December 2013


With its leather pouch and chunky tool, there’s a touch of the old school about the Nutter, so we weren’t surprised to find that the attachment loops work perfectly with ...

Charge Plunger handlebar gripsPublished: 12:33pm 16 December 2013

CHARGE Plunger 

British winters are hard on bike accessories, especially grips and bar-tape which deteriorate after regular soakings and constant hand twisting; the worst case scenario is that the rubb...

Hamax Siesta child seatPublished: 12:22pm 16 December 2013

HAMAX Siesta child seat (with rack) 

Unlike a lot or rear child carriers which are fitted via a clamp mounting to the seatpost, the Dutch-designed Siesta comes with an aluminium rack onto which the seat slides an...

PDW Aether DemonPublished: 11:32am 16 December 2013

PDW Aether Demon

Charge (claimed/actual): 3hr/3hr15
Run time (claimed/actual): 3hr30/ 4hr15 (full); up to 175hr (low)
This little Demon’s performance is as exceptional as the cycling faclities in its home ...

Exposure Sirius Mk2Published: 11:22am 16 December 2013


Charge (claimed/actual): 4hr/5hr
Run time (claimed/actual): 6hr/5.5hr (full); 24hr/18hr (flashing)
Exposure sticks with its tried and tested torch-like design for the Mk2 version of the Sirius and ...

Electron Terra MiniPublished: 11:05am 16 December 2013

Electron Terra Mini

Charge (claimed/actual): 2hr/2hr
Run time (claimed/actual): 3hr/ 3hr15 (full); 9hr/8hr20 (flashing)
Despite its name the torch-like Mini’s not that discreet. But it does feature a po...

Niterider Lumina MicroPublished: 10:58am 16 December 2013

NITERIDER Lumina Micro

Charge (claimed/actual): 2hr30/2hr50
Run time (claimed/actual): 1hr30/ 1hr30 (full); 4hr/3hr25 (low)
Like most Niterider lamps, this one can be switched between helmets or handlebars, t...

Product review: Lezyne Zecto DrivePublished: 10:43am 16 December 2013

LEZYNE Zecto Drive

Charge (claimed/actual): 2hr30/2hr50
Run time (claimed/actual): 3hr/ 4hr+ (full); 3hr40/4hr30 (flashing)
The Zecto has three LEDs built into its feathery 47g aluminium body. It pump...

Product review: Cateye Nano Shot +Published: 10:31am 16 December 2013

CATEYE Nano Shot+£
Charge (claimed/actual): 8hr/6hr45Run time (claimed/actual): 1hr30/ 1hr50 (full); 4hr/4hr15 (low)
Compact compared to lights of yesteryear, this was a relatively bulky product — but also powerful, ...

Ally Capellino Messenger BagPublished: 3:17pm 30 March 2013

Ally Capellino Tommo Messenger Bag £170
It’s hard not to love the Ally Capellino messenger bag – ultra discreet logo, leather straps, metal buckles, waxed canvas fabric, wide strap, zipped top and ample pockets, but...

ABUS U-Mini, £50-80, www.abus.comPublished: 6:03pm 9 December 2011

There are two models of the Abus U-Mini available: a Sold Secure silver-rated version retailing at £50 and a gold-rated one at £80. Both feature a 16mm toughened steel shackle, with all the locks’ metal contact points covered b...