Asking for more cycle parking

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At work

Look at our section on cycling and the workplace to see how you can encourage your employer.

On street

Your local council often has money to put in cycle parking – contact the council’s highway department and/or your local councillor and request parking be put in. Your local London Cycling Campaign borough group can help you do this. Let them know if you are successful too!

Shopping centres

It has been demonstrated that installing cycle parking is good for business, so if your local shopping centre doesn’t have any, they may be losing potential customers.

If you are looking to get cycle parking installed at a shopping strip area there may be a town centre manager you can talk to; otherwise contact your local authority.

A shopping centre will usually have its own manager who you can contact. You may wish to work with others in your local LCC group on writing to specific stores.


If you travel to a station as part of your commute and then cycle to work, it’s important that you can leave your bike somewhere secure.

If you are finding it difficult to park your bike near your tube or train station, try lobbying the appropriate authority.

The local authority may be able to install cycle parking in a convenient location nearby, but the surrounding land will usually be managed by London Underground or the train operating company.

If the station is used for both tube and rail access, you will find that one company manages the station. Speak to the station manager as your first point of contact; you may then need to write to the train operating company to discuss the possibilities.

Case study: Finsbury Park cycle park

Finsbury Park cycle park Credit: Adrian Lewis

In 2006 Transport for London opened a covered, staffed cycle park comprising of 125 automated lockable cycle racks, operated by a smart card system, at Finsbury Park Interchange. The facility boasts 24 hour access to smart card holders. Cycles are charged 50p for each 24 hours parked.

Schools and colleges

Funding for cycle parking facilities at schools and colleges in London is available from Transport for London thanks to the Mayor’s Initiative for Children and Young People, launched in 2003.

Contact your local authority for more information. Your school may also have a school travel plan officer who you can speak to about installing cycle parking.

Case study: Christchurch Primary School cycle parking

Christchurch Primary School cycle parking

As part of its Green Travel Plan the school has provided a covered cycle parking area for up to 50 children’s bicycle spaces and up to 8 adult bicycle spaces.

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