London Cycling Awards 2011: Best cycling facility


British Waterways, London Thames Gateway Development Corporation, Walk London, Transport for London, Olympic Delivery Authority, Design for London

Suspended Walkway and Cycle Path beneath Bow Flyover

The walking and cycling path from the River Thames, along the Lea Valley to Waltham Abbey, has long suffered from a nightmare obstacle at Bow Flyover.

In the past, it was necessary to leave the path, cross four lanes of traffic, and return to the route on the other side of the roundabout.

The new £2.3 million suspended path under the flyover is already well used by walkers and cyclists. 


Lambeth Council, Cyclehoop

1 car space = 10 bicycles

This on-street cycle parking facility spells out the message that bikes are a more efficient use of road space than cars.

Lambeth Council has installed three of these novel bike stands, designed by Anthony Lau of Cyclehoops, at Belvedere Road, The Cut and Lower Marsh.

The stands’ shape has the additional function of protecting both the cycles and their owners (as they lock their bikes) from passing cars, and each includes a built in bicycle pump.


RUNNER-UP Lambeth Council

PROJECT Vauxhall on-street Cycle Parking

In the Netherlands, streetside-sheds (Fietshangers) that provide secure parking for half a dozen bicycles are commonplace – in London they're still a novelty.

Facilitating access to a secure bike parking location without forcing the owner to carry the cycle up or down several flights of stairs to a flat makes a lot of sense in London.

You can see the Dutch-style containers in the Vauxhall area, in the cycle-friendly Bonnington Square.

The council reports the spaces in the Fietshangars were oversubscribed by a factor of two.