London Cycling Awards: Best London cycling event

The following events were commended by the judges, and the winner will be announced on 16 November 2011 at the AGM.

Havering Council

Havering Bikewise event 

Compared to inner London, Havening has low levels of cycling. The council organisers were therefore surprised to have attracted an estimated 4000 people to their Bikewise event.

Among the attractions was a virtual biking competition, free bike repairs, a BMX display and a bicycle polo tournament that included a team of local councilors.

A survey and name-gathering on the day has enabled the council to run organized rides and a second bicycle polo tournament.


Vanessa Celosse, with Wandsworth Cycling Campaign, Battersea Artists and Wandsworth Council

Battersea Artists’ Trail Bike Tour

Small but beautiful was the judges’ view of the Battersea Artists trail by bike ‘It was the attention to detail that people enjoyed enormously” said one.

Art and cycling enthusiast Vanessa Celosse took groups of cyclists to see a total of 17 artists homes or ”galleries.


Hackney Council 

Bike Across the Borough

“We cycled a lot and we burnt calories,” said one young pupil from Tyssen School about this ride through Hackney to the Olympic stadium.

More than 100 children took part in this cross-borough ride to the Olympic Stadium and 90% said it would encourage them to cycle more.