London Cycling Awards: Best project for children or young people

Hackney Council 

Project: Hackney Bikers' Breakfasts

Hackney Council took its inspiration from a successful series of Bikers’ Breakfasts during Bike Week 2010, and decided to develop a year-long campaign.

Using posters, stickers, record sheets and step-by-step guides, staff members at 15 schools organised more than 30 events.

Hackney Council reports that a total of 845 children brought bikes to school for the events and there was a 58% increase in cycling to school compared to pre-event counts.


Havering Council/Cycle Training East

Cycle Awareness Day

This initiative provides children with fun activates that teach them about cycling all concentrated into an action-packed day.

Since April 2010, more than 140 sessions have been held at more than 40 schools. The organisation that runs the events says it can train up to 180 children in day.


Isleworth Town School

Travel Sustainability

Isleworth school took action when it found its new bike shed was little used. An initiative that loaned bikes and scooters to pupils has encouraged sustainable travel to school and enabled those without bikes to enjoy cycling. The shed is now full.