Bike to the Future at the City Cycling Festival!


Join us this June for a free one-day event to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the bikeBike to the Future takes place across three festival sites at Guildhall, Liverpool Street and Queen Street in the City of London. The three locations themed past, present and future, will celebrate all things cycling, explore the impact it’s had on London and provide a taste of what an urban future has to offer if cities truly embrace the bike

Stalls, led-rides, competitions and demos will transform the city into a cycling destination for a day. We’ll be turning busy city streets into spaces that encourage people to stop, interact and discuss what London’s future might offer if streets were greener, less polluted and  great places for people to meet, chat, walk and cycle.

And, we need LCC members and supporter to take part and help make it a day to remember! Bring your best or most unusual bike, dress in attire from your favourite cycling era. Take a guided journey through the festival’s past, present and future zones. Or even volunteer for the bike choir! Bike to the Future is part of the City Cycling Festival (13-15 June 2018), organised by LCC in collaboration with the City of London over three days in Bike Week. The festival will be accompanied by the International Cycling History Conference, themed ‘The Future from the Past’, running across the three days of the festival.

All activities for Bike to the Future are free to attend.


Join us at Guildhall Yard for all things ‘past’ –bring your best or most unusual bike from any era, and dress up in period-appropriate attire should you desire! More info soon!

At Liverpool Street you’ll find cycling’s ‘present’, Rollapaluza providing a track-bike turbo competition, and more!

Travel to the future at Queen Street, with e-bikes, tech and pedal-powered gizmos!

The City Cycling Festival takes place 13th - 15th June 2018, during bike week.

Wednesday 13th June

Thursday 14th June

Friday 15th June