Join the battle for a better Blackfriars

2500 Londoners took part in the third 'Flashride' protest on Wednesday 12 October 2011, to tell the Mayor they want truly people-friendly streets.

The peaceful demonstration featured a slow ride across Blackfriars Bridge, where Londoners from all walks of life, on foot and on bikes, could show their support for our vision for a new Blackfriars junction.

  • Our first 'Flashride' protest in May was organised in a few hours, and 200 showed up after a Twitter storm
  • The second 'Flashride' in July saw 600 people send a clear signal to politicians that London wants change
  • The third 'Flashride' saw 2500 people join together to say they want a people-friendly Blackfriars, and a better London

Find out more about the problem and our solution, and read the timeline of events.

Our 2012 'Go Dutch' mayoral election campaign aims to improve the whole of London.

The problem at Blackfriars

Transport for London is redesigning Blackfriars in time for the new overland station to open in the autumn, but its plans have consistently ignored the needs of cyclists.

Cyclists comprise one-third of peak-time bridge users, and this proportion is growing, yet new designs for the bridge do nothing to reduce serious road danger.

It's expected that cyclists will continue to negotiate motorway-style sliproads and multi-lane right turns, with motor vehicies travelling up to 30mph.

Blackfriars has also demonstrated massive problems in Transport for London's consultation procedures.


The solution

  • Retain the 20mph speed limit in place already
  • Redesign Blackfriars junction with a double-T junction to make it safe for cyclists
  • Reinstate procedures to consider the safety of vulnerable road users before major street projects are signed off



13 October 2011
What next? Report on the flashride.

12 October 2011
Flashride 3 takes place, supported by members of the four main political parties in London

10 October 2011
Critique of TfL's new design for Blackfriars

September 2011
London Cycling Campaign shows that Transport for London has understimated numbers of cyclists using Blackfriars Bridge

August 2011
Increased lobbying activity, including debunking of flawed statistics for bridge users

30 July 2011
London Cycling Campaign leads second 600-cyclist flashride across Blackfriars Bridge

20 July 2011
All-party support in the London Assembly for retaining 20mph and a review of Blackfriars junction

15 July 2011
Mayor Boris Johnson agrees more work is needed to improve Blackfriars

16 June 2011
Transport Minister Norman Baker agrees Blackfriars must be resolved

13 June 2011
London Cycling Campaign launches photo petition to rally support for better Blackfriars

8 June 2011
Conservative assembly members walk out of first Blackfriars debate

6 June 2011
Blackfriars casualty Clare Gerada tells us why the junction must be made safer

London Cycling Campaign leads first 200-cyclist Flashride across Blackfriars Bridge

June 2011
Transport for London publishes second design for Blackfriars, reinstating cycle lanes

April 2011
Over 650 cyclists email to complain that Blackfriars plans will expose them to greater danger

March 2011
Campaigners force Transport for London to open Blackfriars public consultation

February 2011
Report shows that peak-hour cyclists outnumber motor cars on five central London bridges

February 2011
Transport for London heavily criticised for flawed designs for Blackfriars, removing cycle facilities

November 2006
First set of bridge works near completion with 2m-wide cycle lane added

August 2006
Transport for London promises major review of procedures following indepenent report

Two cyclists killed on Blackfriars Bridge prompting new cycle lanes and independent investigation of procedures

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