Board Election Candidates 2014

The following cabdidates are standing in the 2014 election to the London Cycling Campaign Board of trustees:

Alex Dillstone
Proposed by Arnikka Ostberg & seconded by Andrew Bizley
Gareth Redmond
Proposed by James Humphreys & seconded by Garry Willmott
George Coulouris
Proposed by Rachel Aldred & seconded by John Chamberlain
Hannah Roberts
Proposed by Amy Cook & seconded by Roseanna Black
Rachel Aldred
Proposed by Matt Saywell & seconded by Jasmina Cenan
Ross Adam
Proposed by Katherine Henry & seconded by John Head
Sabine Mosner
Proposed by Jonathan Tillson & seconded by Ralph Ripken
Tony Martin
Proposed by Lee Hazell & seconded by Chris Roberts

Their elections statements are published below.

Please note, nominations for the 2014 election to the London Cycling Campaign Board of Trustees have now closed.

How to Vote?

Voting details can be found here

In addition, we have asked each candidate to answer three standard questions about cycling and what they would bring to LCC. You can find their answers here.


"Alex was a City lawyer specialising in finance before moving to the Department of Energy and Climate Change and gaining experience in stakeholder engagement and policy development. She is passionate about making London a city where everyone feels safe cycling and user her fundraising skills to spread LCC’s campaign message."


"I cycle daily, work for central government and would bring experience of policy development , implementation and communication, as well as running operations. I’ve worked with police and local government and studied London cycle policy as part of my masters. I want to help campaign for more, better space for cycling."


"Proper infrastructure for cycling is now one of the top issues on the political agenda for London. We need to refocus our campaigning to bring a larger section of the cycling and the voting public along with us in our thinking on safe and attractive infrastructure."


"An involved, passionate, everyday cycling member of the student movement who has led many campaigns and protests all over London. I am enthusiastic and driven to encourage students to lobby for safer cycling. Keen to bring the student and cycling movements closer together."


"I’m a transport academic first elected as LCC Trustee in November 2012, also chairing LCC’s Policy Forum. I’m passionate about making cycling inclusive - for all Londoners, of all ages and abilities. Safe space for cycling is my priority - we also need political, legal and cultural change. See"


"I am a chartered engineer who has served on a leadership team of a fortune 500 company. I would bring technical and business experience. I spent 2 years living in Copenhagen. I have seen what cycle infrastructure can do for liveability. London is ready for this and she would thrive."


"London could be a fantastic city for cycling, improving quality of life for all. Sabine would contribute her extensive experience leading strategy and policy change in the public sector, plus her enthusiasm as a committed cyclist, to help LCC build on its success to date to drive even faster progress."


"Cycling is my primary transportation. If elected I’ll campaign for drinking water fountains along cycle routes, better locking facilities including chains attached to bike racks so cyclists only need padlocks, police enforcement of cycle lanes and for buses to have hazard lights that are separate and clearly distinguishable from indicators."

Since the list of candidates was printed and sent to members, David Brown has withdrawn.