Tell the Mayor of London he must redesign Bow roundabout to make it safe for cyclists and walkers

We want you to write to the Mayor of London to tell him that Bow roundabout must be made safe immediately.

Your email will also show support for the London Assembly motion on 7 December 2011 calling for safety recommendations at all junctions to be implemented.

Please email the following (or your own version) and send it to

Dear Mayor,

I'm appalled at the two cyclist fatalities that have taken place recently at Bow roundabout.

I'm demanding you implement an urgent and effective redesign of this lethal junction, and others in London like it, so no more families suffer the tragic losses of the last few weeks.

Yours sincerely


Boris Johnson is sceptical that junction design is key to cyclist safety, and the recommendations LCC and independent consultants gave to make Bow safe were rejected.

We have produced a safe Bow roundabout design showing how these recommendations can easily be implemented.

After two deaths in three weeks, we need to tell him in large numbers that Bow roundabout must be made safe immediately, so there are no more lives lost.

The trouble with Bow

02 December 2011
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23 November 2011
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18 November 2011
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18 November 2011
Mayor must explain why consultants' recommendations to make Bow roundabout safer were rejected

18 November 2011
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16 November 2011
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15 November 2011
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14 November 2011
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12 November 2011
London Cycling Campaign demands immediate Bow redesign after roundabout claims second victim in three weeks

25 October 2011
Cyclist fatality on Cycle Superhighway at Bow roundabout