The mayor must prioritise cycling and walking in these key areas across Greater London

When Boris Johnson signed up to the Love London, Go Dutch campaign on 27 April 2012, he agreed to implement the follow measures during his second mayoral term:

  1. Implement three flagship Love London, Go Dutch developments on major streets and/or locations.

    The next mayor should show their commitment to the principles of the campaign by selecting three high-profile locations for Dutch-style cycling infrastructure, which encourages cycling and walking.

    This could mean pedestrianising Parliament Square, turning Tottenham Court Road or Oxford Street into a people-friendly shopping thoroughfare, or tackling an out-of-town centre like Croydon.

    The principles that must be adhered to involve segregated bike tracks where motor traffic is heaviest, and in other areas removing through-traffic and creating shared-space. 

  2. Make sure all planned developments on the main roads that they control are complete to Go Dutch standards, especially junctions.

    London is a city that is constantly being regenerated. If Dutch principles of design were made standard here, then in only a few years there would excellent progress towards making many major roads and junctions safer for cycilng and walking.

    For example, London Bridge and Vauxhall Cross are both due for major changes in the next few years. The next mayor must make sure cycle safety is a priority for Transport for London engineers. 

  3. Make sure the Cycle Superhighways programme is completed to Love London, Go Dutch standards.

    Cyclists have been universally underwhelmed by the facilities on the Superhighways, which in many places are nothing more than blue paint and bike logos.

    Dangerous junctions like Oval and Bow should never be tolerated on popular cycle routes. The next mayor should commit to designing all future Cycle Superhighways, including separating cyclists from motor traffic on the busiest roads, and providing fast and direct routes, with safe junction treatments. Existing Superhighways should be retrofitted with high-quality bike facilities.