'Space for Cycling' campaign organisers for 2014 local elections

We're looking for enthusiastic, dedicated and creative volunteers to help us deliver our biggest and most ambitious campaign yet, as we launch Space for Cycling on the 2014 local elections.
Our Space for Cycling campaign aims to further harness the momentum generated by our very successful Love London, Go Dutch campaign, centred on the 2012 mayoral election. Find out more about our Space for Cycling campaign.
We need ‘Campaign Organisers’ to provide our ‘eyes and ears’ in each of the London boroughs. You will help our Local Groups and existing volunteers to coordinate the borough and ward level campaigning that will aim to put cycling at the top of the local political agenda at the London Council elections in May 2014. In turn this will help to hold the Mayor to account for his election promises on cycling.


You might already be an LCC member, or involved in one of our local groups, maybe you read our e-newsletters, perhaps you’re a cyclist who’s new to London, or maybe you've read about our 'Space for Cycling' campaign and want to get more involved.


We don’t mind who you are, as long as you care about making London a healthier, cleaner and happier place to live, where cycling is a choice for any Londoner who wants to ride the streets conveniently and without fear. 

What's involved

Depending on which borough you live in; you'll be helping our Local Groups to bring the 'Space for Cycling' campaign to life in your local neighbourhood. You could help plan a local event; hand out flyers; give talks about the campaign; help to run a stall in your town centre or even help to lobby local election candidates. There's lot of ways to get involved and the Local Group will be able to let you know exactly where your help is needed most.
Contact our Activism Coordinator, Amy Summers activism@lcc.org.uk or get in touch with your Local Group directly to see how you can help.