Campaign success so far

1. Making direct vision lorries a concrete reality

In March 2013 LCC challenged the construction industry to adopt direct vision lorries to reduce cyclist and pedestrian fatalities. Two years on LCC’s vision has become a concrete reality, with German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz producing a tipper, a skip lorry and concrete mixer, all with direct vision and low cabs. At the same time the UK’s leading manufacturer of low-cab refuse trucks, Dennis Eagle, has told LCC that it is talking to partners about the supply of its chassis for use on construction vehicles. Find out more about direct vision lorries

2. Action from Transport for London and local authorities

From autumn 2010 through to spring 2011, we campaigned to make sure Mayor Boris Johnson, Transport for London and every borough council recognised the danger to London cyclists from lorries.

We set out a five-point plan (see below) set out the measures necessary to reduce the danger to cyclists from lorries. 10,000 Londoners signed our petition calling for all council lorry drivers to receive on-bike cyclist-awareness training. 

Our five point plan

1.Introduce cyclist-awareness training for drivers

All lorry drivers should have on-bike cyclist-awareness training.

2.Compel drivers to take more responsibility

Enforcement authorities should recognise drivers are responsible for doing everything they can to reduce risks. Blaming a ‘blind spot’ should be an admission of guilt.

3.Compulsory safety features for all London lorries

The best mirrors and cameras/sensors should be fitted as standard to every lorry in London. We opposed moves to allow longer lorries drive in the UK.

4.Higher standards from every lorry operator

Quality-assurance schemes such as London’s Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) should be mandatory. Police must crack down on bad operators.

5.All procurement to be made responsible

Companies should only buy haulage services from reputable firms, and the public sector must take a lead in encouraging best practice and safe haulage.

Our campaign succeeded in persuading TfL to put lorry safety at the heart of its Cycle Safety Action Plan. And as a result of LCC’s campaigning work, all TfL lorry contractors now have to adhere to strict rules over training and lorry safety, meaning thousands more London lorry trips are safer for cyclists.

We also produced a video on Safer Lorries:

We’ve also seen the Mayor’s Safer Lorry scheme brought in, though in our view while this is a step in the right direction it doesn’t go far enough. It will require lorries to have basic safety equipment, which most lorries on London’s roads already do. Cyclists will still be expected to share space with large vehicles which offer their drivers severely restricted vision. This is why we are calling on the Mayor of London to end lorry danger now.

Getting ‘Cyclists Stay Back’ stickers removed

In 2014, TfL issued lorries across London with ‘Cyclists – stay back’ stickers. While LCC supports the need for a warning to cyclists about the danger caused when large lorries with inadequate driver vision turn left and collide with cyclists and pedestrians, the "Stay Back" message is seen as a prohibition and has been interpreted by drivers as telling cyclists to get out of their way, with the implication that if a collision occurs then it's the cyclist's fault for not having done so. 

After campaigning by LCC Transport for London agreed to help remove the "Cyclist Stay Back" stickers from cars, vans and buses. The next challenge is to encourage all those transport companies who have put "Stay Back" signs on the wrong vehicles to take them off. 



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