Campaigning for Cycling in the 2014 Local London Elections

 Thursday 6 June, 6pm – Workshop on campaigning for cycling in the 2014 local elections (with short lead offs)

Our workshop on 6th June kicked off the discussion on the how, what, why and when of campaigning for cycling in 2014. After short lead-offs and Q&A, we discussed potential campaign asks, visions, strategies and tactics. Audio from the three contributors available below (click on the links) - and here's my very short introduction.

Contributors included:

Kath Hibbert, on the Londoners on Bikes experience of election campaigning

Jon Irwin, on Getting consensus on "how to deal with rat-runs": "Introducing filtered permeability with wide spread local support. A new approach coming to Tooting in Wandsworth soon"

David Arditti, on Campaigning on infrastructure in the context of the local elections. "Local elections tend to be fought on hyper-local issues, but they are also influenced by national politics. It would be fair to say that there is a problem fitting campaigning for cycle infrastructure into this context. Cycling is a strategic issue, crossing both ward and borough boundaries, and arguably does not fit well into the local election agenda. I've got no clear answers as to how we can solve this, but hope we can tease out some promising approaches in discussion. In Brent recently we have tried concertedly to set an agenda by putting very specific and radical ideas to the council, and we've found often individual councillors are surprisingly receptive to such ideas as they relate to their wards. An important objective, I think, is to make politicians understand that we are not pleading for special treatment for a minority interest group, we are ambitiously asking for a whole new quality infrastructure that will benefit everyone. Once clearly explained, this is a hard thing for anybody to oppose."