Gear reviews


ENDURA England Flag jersey, £39.99, 12:02am 3 May 2011


Coolmax blend fabric, long concealed zip, three-compartment rear pocket. Sizes S-XXL; Scotland, Wales and Ireland prints also available

ALTURA Airstream jersey, £29.99, Published: 11:58pm 2 May 2011

Polyester fabric, half-length zip, two rear pockets. Sizes S-XXL; red, yellow or blue.

SPECIALIZED Atlas Tee £25 Published: 11:55pm 2 May 2011

Polyester fabric, no zip or pockets, loose fit. Sizes S-XXL; navy, black/olive, slate/grey, tan/brown.

SUGOI Sakura jersey, £50, Published: 11:55pm 2 May 2011


Finotech fabric, 10in ‘invisible’ front zip, three elastic back pockets, drop collar, one-off original design. Sizes S-XL, one colourway only.

GORE Contest Lady jersey, £39.99, Published: 11:54pm 2 May 2011

Microfiber fabric, short zip, three compartment patch pockets, fitted. Sizes 34 (XS) to 44 (XXL); red, white, pink, turquoise, black.

CORINNE DENNIS loose fit jersey, £39.99, Published: 11:50pm 2 May 2011

Cotton/Lycra mix fabric, short zip, two rear pockets, loose fit. Sizes 8-18; cherry, green, navy.

GROUND EFFECT Ricochet jersey, £36, 11:50pm 2 May 2011


Intercool fabric, long front zip, 3 rear pockets (one zipped), fitted. Sizes S-L; eggplant or ice blue. 

FOSKA iPayRoadTax women’s shirt, £45, Published: 11:48pm 2 May 2011

Let other road users know loud and clear where you stand on the 'road tax' debate. Coolmax fabric, three-quarter length zip, three rear pockets, semi-fitted. Sizes 8-16 (and men’s version too); black or white.

DHB Earnley Ladies jersey, £35.99, Published: 11:46pm 2 May 2011

Polyester fabric, full-length zip, one zipped rear pocket with two compartments, headphone cable routing, fitted. Sizes 8-16; red or white.

RAPHA Shirt, £75, www.rapha.ccPublished: 11:44pm 2 May 2011

Rapha’s short-sleeve shirt uses almost 70 percent cotton, making it very comfortable to wear — even if you do work up a bit of a sweat, it dries quickly to leave you as cool as when you set off. Like most of
Rapha’s gear, th...

CYCLODELIC Cape, £230, Published: 11:41pm 2 May 2011

We’ve been fans of Cyclodelic’s range of women’s clothing since the Hackney-based company launched. One of designer Amy Fleuriot’s flagship pieces is this beautifully-styled cape, designed with comfort and practicality ...

LAKE I/O SDL sandals, £79.99, Published: 11:40pm 2 May 2011

The Lake I/O SDLs are less cumbersome than some cycling sandals, but the non-marking Vibram sole is stiff enough to make it a useful bike shoe. A panel over the top of your foot gives you ventilation and flexibility where you need it, and a rubb...

DASHING TWEEDS Modern jacket, £475, Published: 11:38pm 2 May 2011

For a modern, flamboyant twist on the most traditional British fabric, look no further than this company. Guy Hills designs some of the most exciting modern tweeds which have deservedly popped up everywhere from the silver screen to the country ...

RAPHA Tweed cap, £35, Published: 11:36pm 2 May 2011


Rapha’s cap is based on the classic cycling biretta and is an urban alternative if you want something in tweed that’s not too ‘hunting-and-fishing’. It’s available in range of fabrics, each inspired by ...

WEBURY Jura socks, £19.70, Published: 11:35pm 2 May 2011

How does the tweed connoisseur solve the problem between where plus-fours end and brogues begin? One of Webury’s hard-wearing, merino/acrylic blend socks should fit the bill. If your tastes tend to the conservative, opt for the Jura twin-p...