Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety

Transport for London, together with the construction industry, has created a new safety standard called CLOCS. Lorry operators (and other construction companies) who agree to meet the standard are called CLOCS Champions. The standard includes fitting safety equipment to vehicles, giving drivers on-road experience of cycling around lorries, adopting routes to and from sites that reduce opportunities for collisions, and carefully organising the ways lorries get into and out of sites to reduce risks to pedestrians and cyclists.There are now more than 400 CLOCS Champions including many leading construction companies like McGee, British Land, and Tideway.

Like private sector developers, who give contracts to construction companies, Londons boroughs can also join CLOCS and become Champions. Unfortunately only two have done so to date: Camden and City of London. LCC wants all London boroughs to sign up to CLOCS to ensure that all the worksites they cover meet the standards set by CLOCS.

Full details of how CLOCS works and how to join are provided here.