Which Councillors support Space for Cycling?


Our updated campaign map reveals which councillors support Space for Cycling in each ward and borough across Greater London. You can also see which councillors are making progress to create safe space for cycling.

Search by your postcode, borough or ward; or click on the map to see your neighbourhood results.

Thanks to nearly 85 000 emails people like you sent, 43% of local Councillors - that's 791 people elected in May 2014 - agreed to support the local cycling improvement identified in their ward. More are adding their names each day too and the total number of Councillors supporting Space for Cycling, is now 862, that's 47% of all those elected!

Volunteers from the Local LCC Group in your borough will now be working hard to make sure their promises are met. Do you want to help

Party Support


Party Elected Councillors Support Space for Cycling Percentage
Labour 1060 649 61%
Conservative 612 112 18%
Green 5 5 100%
Lib Dem 116 69 59%
UKIP 12 1 8%
Other 47 27 57%
Total 1851 862 47%