Information for Councillors

Are you an elected Councillor in London? Do you want to register your support for Space for Cycling in your ward? If you wish to do so, please email stating your name, party and ward.

Are you a councillor who has already pledged their support and wants to update us on your progress to deliver Space for Cycling? Please email

Want more information or help?

As part of our Space for Cycling campaign, London Cycling Campaign have produced a Space for Cycling Guide for Councillors, designed to help local councils achieve the benefits cycling can bring to all Londoners.

It aims to showcase the kind of policies and measures that help to create safe and inviting space for cycling that will enable all types of people, of all ages and abilities, cycle safely.

Download the Guide

If you would like to order a printed copy, please email

Background Information

From 7th April to 22nd May 2014, with the help of thousands of Londoners, we called on every candidate in the 2014 local council elections in London to support one specific action to create safe Space for Cycling in their local area.

You should have heard from us and residents in your ward asking for your support prior to the elections (if we were able to find your email address publicly).

Our local groups, one per London borough have developed 629 suggested cycle improvements – one per electoral ward. Improvements which we would now like elected Councillors to support and help implement.

See what we are calling for in your area, take a look at our map. 

If you did not show your support for this Space for Cycling measure during the elections, but would now like to, please email us at 

50% of all candidates standing in London in 2014 supported Space for Cycling, which translated to 47% of elected Councillors supporting Space for Cycling. You can view Councillor support on our map site. Our Local Group in your are will be pleased to hear of your support. You can get in touch direcly with them here.

Please note: during the Space for Cycling campaign in 2014, we sent a number of emails to candidates. These emails were sent to candidates personal email address (if publicly available). But in most cases, emails to candidates were sent to a generic party email address for the borough; which should have been passed on to you. If you did not hear from us in either of those ways, its becuase your email address wasn't publicly available, or your party didn't provide us with a contact email for you. We tried contacting many of you on Twitter, by phone and by other means i.e. via party headquarters, other candidates or council staff. Apologies if we didn't manage to get hold of all councillors.