Current Cycling Research

Our fifteenth seminar, on Current Cycling Research took place at 6:30pm on Tuesday 23rd September, with around 45 people discussing some of the latest research findings. The panel format involved four academics talking about their work for ten minutes, each followed by ten minutes Q&A.

Kat speaking about the politics of cycle wear in Victorian times

An audiocast from the evening is here (large mp3 file).

Our panel (chaired by Tom Cohen, UCL Transport Institute)

Alan Latham, University College London - on a study exploring how people use cycle infrastructure in London, and what that tells us about cycling. Alan's slides here (pdf file).

Katrina Jungnickel, Goldsmiths College - on a project studying the bike, the bloomer, and the female suffrage movement in late 19th century Britain. Kat's slides here (pdf file). See Kat's 'Bikes and Bloomers' project here.

Ian Garrard, Brunel University - on a study exploring how much space drivers give cyclists wearing different types of clothing. Ian's slides here (pdf file) and freely available version of a related academic paper here.

Jo Wood, City University London - on research analysing hire bike journeys, and what that tells us about men's and women's travel choices. Jo's slides here (pdf file) and open access version of a related academic paper here.