Current Projects

Our policy projects may lead to giving informal advice to LCC staff and volunteers on specific topics or consultations, to producing advice notes summarising our position on an issue, or to putting forward motions to the AGM or recommendations to the LCC Board, which may be adopted as binding policy. We also run seminars on issues to encourage debate. Please contact to find out more.

Our projects include:

Love London Go Dutch Matrix - a matrix to assist speedy assessment of schemes against the Love London Go Dutch criteria (completed). The Matrix has fed into the development of TfL's Cycling Level of Service tool, which LCC wants to see used across the network. You can download the CLOS spreadsheet here and see slides explaining how to use it here. We continue to co-organise events training people in the use of CLOS.

Inclusive Cycling - developing LCC's policy on cycling for all (in progress). Carried out in association with Isabelle Clement and Kevin Hickman from Wheels for Wellbeing, this policy has led to an agreed LCC statement on promoting inclusivity, fed into our work on equality and diversity, and we have held two seminars on the topic. We were very pleased to see increasing notice being taken of inclusive cycling within TfL's work, for example the new London Cycle Design Standards.

When do Cyclists Need Protected Space? - a policy pilot exploring the 'trigger points' at which motor vehicle speeds and volumes make protected space for cycling necessary (completed). You can see our paper on protected space here and the 2013 LCC AGM motion that was passed in its support is here.

Policy on Buses and Bikes. This led to a policy paper and then a 2014 AGM motion confirming the LCC's position on separating buses and bicycles. 

Policy on One-Way Systems. This has led to an agreed policy paper - an advice note representing the Policy Forum's position on how LCC should approach the issue. In short: one-way or two-way for motor traffic is not necessarily preferred and a case-by-case basis should be used exploring the impacts of a specific scheme, in particular for cycling.

Traffic Enforcement - a policy pilot developing LCC's position in relation to the legal treatment of moving vehicle offences (in progress).

We also developed the priority campaign themes for LCC's Space for Cycling Election Campaign in 2014.