Promoting great cycle parking

Sound familiar?;

You cycle to a meeting, arrive at the office reception and are promptly told,

“Sorry, we don’t have cycle parking, but there are some railings just over the road that cyclists tend to use”. 


“If only there was good secure cycle parking, then I would not have had my bike stolen”.

LCC cycling project’s team are actively working to promote good quality, well positioned cycle parking provision within workplaces and other organisations across London;


How can LCC help the employer?

LCC Cycle Parking Audits

Is your workplace/organisation, currently reviewing its cycle parking provision?  Our full-site inspection examines existing cycle parking provision and analyses the extent to which it can be improved for capacity or security, as well as identifying other potential locations inside and outside the building.

We compile a full written proposal summary, outlining parking options available, including prices and detailed technical plans where appropriate.

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How are LCC helping local cyclists?

Bikehangars; Collecting Cycling Demand Data

The Dutch style secure cycle lockers offer a secure option for people to park their bike. They can store 6 bicycles, and only take up the space of half a car parking bay. 

A recent LCC data gathering, specifically targeting cyclists in the London Borough of Lewisham, resulted in over 200 site locations being suggested.  Lewisham are currently planning to roll out a number of Bikehangars across the Borough. 


Other Residential and Workplace cycle parking

The London Cycling Campaign can also advise on any cycle parking queries that you may have, be it workplace or residential. We can help provide information regarding the implementation of various cycle parking units in a wide range of Locations. Our working relationship with Cyclehoop, a London based supplier of innovative cycle parking and storage, means we can advise on a wide range of parking options.