Urban cycle parking: for every cyclist where it's needed

Inadequate bike parking in the street can be an inconvenience, while a lack of secure parking at home, at work and on the move is a major barrier to people using their bikes more.

Only the provision of hundreds of thousands of new spaces, many of them secure, will make up for the current shortfall.

We're encouraging cyclists to suggest cycle parking, so we can pass on your needs to local councils and the mayor.

We're also lobbying for the following measures:

  1. Thousands more on-street parking spaces The mayor and borough councils must provide adequate cycle parking at every public destination, with at least 100,000 more spaces on London streets.
  2. Much more secure workplace parking Only a small proportion of workplaces have secure bike parking, whereas enough is needed for at least 15% of staff and, at places of study, 25% of students.
  3. Stronger planning regulations Planning requirements should ensure that every office building provides bike spaces for at least 15% of staff, with new developments providing 25% or more.
  4. Secure bike parking for homes Cycle parking should be made standard on all council estates and new private residential developments, with provision for at least 15% of the occupants.
  5. Adequate provision at transport hubs At least 500 cycle parking spaces should be provided at every major rail station in Greater London, with at least 200 of these spaces being in a secure compound.
  6. Proper information on public buildings Detailed information about the provision and location of cycle parking should be made available by every public building in Greater London – eg, on their website.

Find out more about our campaign at www.urbancycleparking.org.uk.