Cycling and the workplace

Cycling to work in London is on the increase – 2.6% of journeys to work are by bike which goes up to 9% in Hackney (2011 Census).

Facilities for cyclists at workplaces are variable across London - some places have fantastic facilities whilst others have very little. A safe and secure place to lock up your bike is probably key, but other measures such as showers, lockers and pool bikes are also important.

If you think that your organisation could provide better facilities for cyclists then you should look to form a Bicycle User Group within the organisation. As a group you can lobby for change within your workplace, as well as getting your organisation to ask your local council for better facilities. Once your management or facilities are on board there are many measures you can take to make your workplace better for cycling.

As an employer there are many reasons to encourage cycling amongst your staff – happier and healthier staff that take less sick days and lower staff turnover are key factors. Showing yourself to be a cycle-friendly organisation helps attract the best new staff and fulfil your corporate social responsibility or environmental targets. Having staff cycle can also save you money. For instance, if car parking is costing you money, encouraging cycling can reduce this significantly– one car parking space can be replaced with parking for 12 cycles. If you have customers, not providing cycle parking may mean you are missing out on potenitial new business.  London Cycling Campaign's Project team has helped hundreds of businesses and workplaces across the capital and the south east to encourage cycling.

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