Supporting grassroots cycling projects in London

The London Cycling Campaign started its life as a grassroots campaign group in the 70s and we have supported grassroots and community projects across London ever since. We are committed to supporting community cycling projects that enable all Londoners, including many less privileged groups to access the benefits of cycling. Our local groups work with and run many community projects and events.

We have created a toolkit for grassroots community groups. We would also like to support community groupscreating links across London and have created this map where you can tell people you exist and see what other groups are nearby.

If you are interested in inclusive cycling then Wheels for Wellbeing are a good place to start. We also producued a guide on all ability cycling guide in 2013 which still has useful advice even though some of the information may be out of date.

Community Cycling Fund for London

LCC administered Transport for London’s Community Cycle Fund for London (CCFL) between 2007 and 2015.