Cycling Infrastructure

The Love London Go Dutch promises made in response to our campaign by the Mayor of London in 2012 included commitments to deliver cycling infastructre to the best international standards on the Cycling Superhighways and on all major road developments in London.

High quality cycling and highway infrastructure is essential for delivering Space for Cycling. Our local groups and activists are often asked to comment and advise on cycling plans, designs and drawings proposed by TfL or their local borough councils.

But what are the best international standards and how do you know what's good for cycling or not?

See below to find out more about the London Cycling Design Standards and the Cycling Level of Service tool, to help you assess existing and new cycling infratstructure.

London Cycling Design Standards


The London Cycling Design Standards (LCDS) were updated in 2014 by Transport for London. They represent a step change in the guidance available to traffic engineers and cycling campaigners in London.  Find out more about the London Cycling Design Standards 

Cycling Level of Service tool


The essential element of the LCDS is the Cycling Level of Service tools to assess and score both exisiting and new infrastructure and junctions. This will gives a method for comparing design options and judging the value for money of new infrastructure plans. about the Cycling Level of Service Tool

Download the CLoS matrix and supporting documents.


If you'd like to find out more about our infrastructure campaigning, including our Infrastructure Advisory Panel and how we work with Transport for London's Design Review Group meetings please see here.