Where would you like ofo bikes?


**This project with ofo has now ended**

London Cycling Campaign partnered with ofo to makes sure London has the best dockless schemes that get more Londoners cycling. Dockless bikes are great for journeys where you might want to cycle 

Although ofo's dockless bikes can be left in any reasonable spot the company also creates hubs where users can earn rewards for parking. This provides a place where customers beginning a journey can reliably find bikes.

Do you know of a spot that would make a good ofo hub? Maybe by a school so you could cycle home aftre dropping off the kids. Or around your local town centres by swimming pools, doctors surgeries, places of worship or other places you visit. You might also want to think any stations or bus stops you'd want to link up with when cycling.

Fill in our short survey and the ofo team will investigate creating a hub at your suggested location.

Hub could be in public squares, shopping centres, office block or they could be in on-street parking spaces near your home. Dockless bikes are an ideal way of making short local trips.


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