Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme

You will see FORS stickers on both lorries and work sites. They show that the contractor or fleet operator has qualified as a Bronze, Silver or Gold FORS member. Requirements of membership include vehicle safety equipment, driver licence checks and training, working hours and safety procedures, and loading and unloading processes.

The three FORS accreditation levels cover:

  • Bronze, which shows the fleet operator is lawful and following best practice
  • Silver, awarded to fleet operators actively committing to improve safety, environmental impact and efficiency through a range of initiatives
  • Gold, awarded to fleet operators providing evidence of improvements in safety, environmental impact and efficiency. 

The greater the compliance, the higher the grade of FORS membership. Many London worksites will not deal with contractors that are not FORS graded Silver or above.

For more and how to join, visit the FORS website.