Help create safe space for cycling in your area

Your local council has control of 95% of London’s streets, and they have the power to make the changes needed to make cycling safer in your neighbourhood. Help us encourage local councils to do just that!

Make sure your local councillors:

a) support Space for Cycling and;

b) are actually doing something to make it happen!

There are a number of ways you can get involved to help push for safe Space for Cycling in your area, depending on what time you have. We've made some suggestions below.

Email your councillors 

(30 minutes) 

  • Your councillors are paid to represent you and listen to your concerns, so consider writing them an email to explain what you want them to do to support Space for Cycling.
  • You can find contact details for your councillors on your local council website, or at WritetoThem
  • For more information about contacting and lobbying your councillor, see our Lobbying Guide

What should you say?

Firstly, enter your postcode on our Campaign Map to find out:

  • what space for cycling improvement we are calling for in your ward;
  • if your councillor has pledged to support Space for Cycling; 
  • what progress (if any) they have made. 

Space for Cycling Campaign Map

  • Explain what you would like to see change in your local area (based on the cycling improvement LCC has identified)

You can of course talk about other cycling issues that concern you too. You can keep your email or letter short and simple, or go into detail about why space for cycling is important to you, it's up to you!

  • Ask your councillors to support Space for Cycling if they haven't already

They should email to register their support on the website

  • If they have pledged to support Space for Cycling; ask them what progress they are making and when they plan to deliver the cycling improvement.

Chase your councillors if you don’t get a response. You could always phone your councillor if you aren’t able to email.

Meet your councillors

(1 hour) 

  • Meeting your councillor is a great way to find out what they are doing for cycling and an opportunity to encourage them to do more.
  • Your councillors (you usually have 3), will hold regular public surgeries which offer local people the chance to meet them informally and raise issues and concerns.
  • Your local council website will have a list of when these take place. 
  • You don’t need to be an expert to go and meet you councillor and our Lobbying Guide and FAQ should give you some tips on what you can say to persuade your councillors to do more to support the Space for Cycling campaign for safer streets.
  • You could always contact us or your Local LCC Group beforehand if you need some advice or tips.

Build up support in your area

(As much time as you want)  

  • The more people who raise an issue, the more likely it is that your councillors will take notice.
  • Could you ask friends or neighbours in your area to write an email or come along to a Councillor surgery with you? 
  • Even if they don’t live in your ward, encourage them to get in touch with their own councillors using the methods above.

Organise a street Party!

(Several weeks!)

If the local cycling improvement LCC are calling for in your area involves cutting off a rat run or blocking your road to through-traffic  you could consider applying for a temporary road closure and hold a street party. This can be a great way of demonstrating to residents how much more pleasant your road can be without rat running traffic! Streets Alive have more advice on how to do this. It’s also a great opportunity to tell your friends and neighbours about the campaign and get them to support, too.

Useful Information

  • Check the Campaign Map to see what’s going on in your ward - find out what we're calling for and which of your councillors support the campaign.
  • Your local group is campaigning for cycling improvements in your area – can you volunteer some time to help them make your borough safer for cycling? Or do you want to find out more about what the Local Council are doing to support safer cycling? Contact your Local Group
  • Want some help to find out how you can lobby your councillor? Check out our Lobbying Guide and other Activist Resources.
  • Contact us if you have any questions or want any advice.