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UPDATE: A huge win for LCC on CS11! Following months of campaiging work one of our key central London objectives has been met - all key stakeholders are no longer blocking the four gate closures at Regent’s Park, clearing the way for CS11 to finally be implemented. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated to the appeal so far. Read more about the victory here

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LCC urgently needs to raise £15,000 for imminent campaigning work in central London. Changes to the layouts of several important roads and major junctions are in development at the same time. Together, they could define travel in central London for years to come. We need your support to ensure we get the best outcome for cycling on each and every one of them.

If we succeed, we’ll get several miles of new segregated cycle tracks and fix some of central London’s most dangerous junctions; we’ll make cycling into London safer and enable more people to choose cycling over other forms of transport; and we’ll help cut air pollution and noise pollution. But we’re facing strong opposition. Any money you donate will help LCC campaign on several fronts to tackle it head on.

You donation will help to...

• Raise awareness and increase support for the changes – we’ll alert cyclists to consultations and persuade residents and business to support the plans.

• Design and produce communications materials – we’ll provide information, bust myths and make sure the facts are easy to find and understand.

• Lobby councils more effectively – we’ll brief and support pro-cycling councillors and hold those against cycling to account

• Run bigger and better social media campaigns – we’ll make sure we generate levels of support decision makers can’t ignore.

• Build alliances with businesses – we’ll work with the business community and major employers to present a united front that councils can’t ignore.

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Please donate today to make sure LCC can campaign effectively at places including...


The Mayor’s plan to remove motor traffic
from Oxford Street should transform
this world-class shopping destination.
But what about cycling? High quality
cycle routes on or near Oxford Street
are essential but Westminster Council
won’t support them. We’ll campaign
to make sure people can cycle safely to
one of London’s most iconic streets!


The road from Old Street to Tottenham
Court Road is a vital east-west cycling
artery. Despite horrible conditions,
thousands of people ride here every day.
We want a high quality cycle track along
the whole route. And, we’re working
to transform the street into London’s
first low emission, grand Boulevard –
a greener, healthier, safer and more
attractive place to walk and cycle.


Two of the most dangerous roundabouts
in central London will be transformed if
TfL’s Lambeth Bridge redesign goes ahead.
Some Westminster councillors are
opposing the proposal on the basis of a
single tree being removed, and whipping
up anti-cycling sentiment among residents.
We’ll fight to make sure plans don’t get
watered down or scrapped.


Cycle Superhighway 9 (CS9) links
Brentford, Hounslow, Hammersmith
and Olympia – areas that desperately need
segregated cycle routes. But the current
plans stop at the border with Kensington
& Chelsea. We need to make sure CS9
extends to meet the East-West Cycle
Superhighway at Hyde Park so west
Londoners can cycle to the heart of
London safely.


Plans for the East-West Cycle
Superhighway extension ran along
the Westway flyover to avoid the
notoriously anti-cycling council in
Kensington & Chelsea. Now the Mayor
wants it to go through the borough.
Great news, but we’ll need to tackle
Kensington & Chelsea’s anti-cycling
stance head-on. This will deliver a safe
cycling route for commuters, local people
and anyone cycling into central London
through the borough.


Cycle Superhighway 11 (CS11) will run
from Swiss Cottage to Oxford Street
through Regent’s Park. To make cycling
and walking safe and appealing for
everyone, we’re calling for park gates
to be shut to motor traffic in peak hours.
But Westminster councillors and local
organised groups are fighting tooth and
nail to stop the plans. We need to keep
CS11 high up on the agenda and make
sure the changes benefit everyone,
from road cyclists training to kids
travelling to school.

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Call us directly, and we can take a donation from your credit or debit card over the phone: 020 7234 9310

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You can donate by sending a cheque made out to LCC and posted to Heart of London Appeal, London Cycling Campaign, Unit 201,Metropolitan Wharf Building, 70 Wapping Wall, London, E1W 3SS.


If you have a CAF account, you can also make a donation by sending a cheque to Heart of London Appeal, London Cycling Campaign, Unit 201,Metropolitan Wharf Building, 70 Wapping Wall, London, E1W 3SS.

Transfer from your bank

We can accept donations paid directly into our bank account. You will need LCC's bank details when requesting the transfer:

Sort code: 60-83-01
Account number: 20217925
Bank name: UNITY TRUST BANK plc

When making a bank transfer, please notify us  by emailing membership@lcc.org.uk with details of the date the transfer was made, the amount and also a reference for the transaction.

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Making a regular monthly donation to LCC is one of the best ways of supporting our campaigning. Set up a regular donation here.

If you have any questions about making a donation to LCC, please contact the Membership Team on 020 7234 9310 or email membership@lcc.org.uk