HGVs, motorbikes in bus lanes, road danger reduction, 20mph

Reducing HGV danger

We've made improving lorry safety a priority of our work through our ‘No More Lethal Lorries’ campaign.

Lorries are involved in over half of cyclist fatalities in London, even though they make up only 5% of traffic. They are involved in many more serious injury crashes involving cyclists and pedestrians.

We support changing the safety culture of the transport industry by awareness training for lorry drivers, more driver responsibility, safer lorry design, better operational practices by lorry operators.

We also support measures aimed at reducing lorry movements in London, by use of consolidation depots and restricted hours for categories of lorries.

Motorbikes in bus lanes

Allowing motorcycles into bus lanes, previously a safe haven for cyclist, has been proven to increase the casualty risk to motorcyclists.

There are also serious doubts as to the safety implications for cyclists. Thankfully, there are not many collisions between motorbkes and cyclists. Nevertheless the overall risk of injury appears to be higher for cyclists where motorbikes share the bus lane.

We believe the increased risks to all road users, the deterrent to cyclists intimidated by fast-moving machines in their vicinity, and the poor evidence that motorbikes provide any environmental benefit are sufficient for this and all future trials to be cancelled.

Road danger reduction

Outdated 'road safety' measures which put the onus on the victim to protect themselves, or attempt to block access to all our streets have failed to reduce road danger at source. Guard railings on busy high streets, high-visibility clothing for kids walking to school and insisting on protective clothing are typical of this thinking.

These measures singularly fail to reduce danger, they add to social deprivation by restricting access, keeping children indoors and encouraging people to adopt less healthy lifestyles.

We strongly advise all public authorities concerned with road safety to commit to the principles set out in the Road Danger Reduction Charter. 

Road Danger Reduction is different from traditional approaches to road safety in that it seeks to identify and eliminate road danger at source: reducing speed, reducing volumes of motor traffic, and encouraging walking and cycling.

20mph speed limits

We strongly support calmer traffic, which can be achieved through 20mph speed limits and filtered permeability, which maximises route choice for cyclists and pedestrians while blocking motor traffic rat runs.

Reducing speed limits to 20mph in residential areas has been proven to reduce road danger significantly for all road users, in particular cyclists and pedestrians, and we would encourage it to be introduced on all non-motorway roads in Greater London.

We support the enforcement of speed limits with camera, including average speed cameras.