Improving workplace cycling facilities

There are many things you, as a cyclist, may want to improve at your workplace to make commuting by bicycle easier. Your organisation might also want to encourage more cyclists – cyclists are often fitter and happier workers who take less sick days. Your organisation might also be keen to reduce car parking costs and encouraging cycling can help reduce demand for car parking places.

One of the first things to do is to setup a Bicycle User Group – an informal group of cyclists within an organisation. To encourage more cycling it is important not only to consider facilities for existing cyclist but to look at the barriers that stop people from commuting to work. One way to understand how and why people make the transport choices they do is to gather evidence with a simple travel survey.

To encourage existing and new cyclists your organisation may want to organise for a mechanic to come in to make sure everyone’s bike is adjusted properly and roadworthy. A lunchtime workshop is a good way for people to talk about cycle safety, routes or general cycling advice or, alternatively, this could be part of a bigger promotion event if you want to reach more employees or students. The annual Bike Week in June is a popular time to organise these events.

If you organisation is looking to improve facilities then you can get an assessment with our London Cycling Survey. If you need more in-depth information a Workplace Cycling Audit can look at all your policies and facilities or a Cycling Parking Audit can help you plan where parking should be and produce CAD plans that may be needed for gaining planning permission. Setting up a Bike Pool is also a good way to give people access to bikes who may not want to cycle in – good for meetings and travelling between sites.

If you'd like to find out how we can help make your workplace more cycle friendly, contact our Cycling Projects team.

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