Infrastructure campaigning

Campaigning around cycling and highways infrastructure is a vital part of the work London Cycling Campaign does to make London better for everyone who cycles and wants to cycle here.

The current process for formulating our response to schemes, developing and promoting policy and infrastructure expertise etc. is as follows:

Formal oversight of infrastructure campaigning is via LCC's Campaigns & Active Membership sub-committee.

The LCC Office Infrastructure Team comprises of our full-time Infrastructure Campaigner, Simon Munk and volunteers who are recruited to assist on infrastructure matters. Advising the office team are the Infrastructure Advisory Panel, a group of experts on cycling infrastructure, led by a trustee, Megan Sharkey. Each borough also appoints a Local Group Infrastructure Representative to liaise with the office team and panel on infrastructure matters.

Working with borough reps and the panel, the office team formulates the official LCC response to key London highway developments, including major cycling schemes such as junction designs, Cycle Superhighways and other main road tracks. Such responses are based on official LCC policy.

The group also assists borough groups via their representatives on more local infrastructure and design highway development matters and aims to spread infrastructure expertise throughout LCC.

Contact Simon Munk, Infrastructure Campaigner, to find out more about how to get involved as a local rep or volunteer:

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