How can London's roads be made safe and inviting for all cyclists?

Love London, Go Dutch is calling on the 2012 mayoral candidates to pledge to make London more liveable for everyone by making our streets as safe and inviting for cycling as they are in Holland.

Key principles for London's streets

1. Safety first
Londoners young or old, occasional cyclists or experienced ones, will be safe, and will feel safe cycling on main roads.

2. Best practice
Londoners will benefit from the best available know-how in street design, public education and rules of the road, whether using best-practice from the Continent or home-grown.

3. Adaptability
Londoners will benefit from every infrastructure and non-physical solution to make our main roads 'Go Dutch', tailoring solutions to circumstances.

4. Easy passage
Londoner’s will enjoy clear and hassle-free passage throughout our city by bike.

5. Calm junctions
Londoners will be able to negotiate all junctions safely and conveniently whether cycling or walking.

6. Harmony with pedestrians
Londoners will be able to choose to cycle or walk to their destinations without impeding each other.

7. Harmony with public transport
Londoners will be able to safely cycle or use public transport alongside each other, and switch easily between the two.

8. Quality of life
Londoners from all walks of life will be able to enjoy cycling on main roads, which will be improved to make them more pleasant and attractive places for everyone.

9. Commitment
Londoners will have cycling facilities that are properly managed and maintained.

10. Engagement
Londoners will be consulted about the way their local main roads should 'Go Dutch'.

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