London Cycling Design Standards

The London Cycling Design Standards (LCDS) were updated in 2014 by Transport for London. They represent a step change in the guidance available to traffic engineers and cycling campaigners in London.

The London Cycling Design Standards set out requirements and guidance for the design of cycle-friendly streets and spaces. It should be used by all those who shape the street environment through planning and street design, as well as engineers designing cycle-specific infrastructure. It forms one part of TfL's Streetscape Toolkit, and should be read in conjunction with the other constituent documents, including the Streetscape Guidance.

Introduction to the design standards and summary of key requirements

Chapter 1 - Design requirements (PDF 1MB)

Guidance on network and route planning, land use planning and the Cycling Level of Service assessment

Chapter 2 - Tools and techniques (PDF 1MB)

How to create attractive streets for cycling and balance user needs in making better places for everyone

Chapter 3 - Cycle-friendly streets and spaces (PDF 4MB)

Guidance on design of coherent, high quality infrastructure for cyclists on links, on and off-highway

Chapter 4 - Cycle lanes and tracks (PDF 7MB)

Guidance on using and adapting junctions and crossings for safer and more coherent and comfortable cycling

Chapter 5 - Junctions and crossings (PDF 5MB)

Requirements on signing to support legible cycle routes and cyclists' general use of the highway

Chapter 6 - Signs and markings (PDF 2MB)

Key aspects of construction and maintenance that contribute to high quality cycle infrastructure

Chapter 7 - Construction, including surfacing (PDF 909KB)

Guidance on planning and provision of fit-for-purpose, secure and well-located cycle parking

Chapter 8 - Cycle parking (PDF 1MB)

One essential element of the LCDS is the Cycling Level of Service (CLoS) tools to assess and score both exisiting and new infrastructure and junctions objectively. This gives a method for comparing design options and judging the value for money of new infrastructure plans.

CloS has now been superceded by the Healthy Streets Check. But if you want to complete a CLoS check as well, or instead, click here to download the CLoS matrix and guidance.