Local Group Website Checklist

Local Group websites are a great way to promote your activities to local people and is the best way to showcase your events, rides and campaigns work.

Some small changes may help to make a big difference and help to promote your group even more! Read our Tips and Checklist below. You can download these as a PDF document here

Home page

  • Think about arriving at your site as a completely new visitor….
  • Is it clear from the landing page who you are, what you do and how people can find out more?
  • Are your tabs / menu / links clear?
  • Is it easy to navigate your site and find information?
  • Is the site, especially the homepage, up to date – this may be off-putting to visitors if not

LCC Logo / Local Groups Logo

  • Is it visible?
  • We know that some groups have their own logos, but we prefer groups to use the official branding where possible
  • If you insist on using your own logos, please make sure the LCC logo is visible somewhere on your website so it is clear the you are part of LCC

‘About us’

  • Is there a page / description explaining who the group are, what you do, when you meet and that you are a local branch of LCC? 
  • Add a picture of your group!


Getting Involved

  • Is there simple info on how people can get involved? 
  • Suggest that people come to a group meeting / join your mailing list / email you / come on a ride / get involved in your local campaigns etc
  • Add a picture of your group or your activities!

Group contact details 

  • Are they listed and easy to find? 
  • Do you include the name and contact details of the coordinator and other key committee members?
  • Add a picture of your group to show who you are!

Group Meetings 

  • Is the list up to date and easy to find?
  • Are the times / dates / locations correct and clear?
  • Add a picture of your group in this area too!


Events and Rides

  • Is the list up to date and easy to find? 
  • Is it clear where rides start / end and what time? How long they are?  Who they are suitable for? How people can find out more?  What they need to wear / bring? 
  • Does this page have nice pictures of other rides you’ve organised?

News page

  • Is there one? Is it up to date? Consider removing if not being used.
  • Does the news page showcase the great work of the group?
  • No need to write lots of text – a few pictures and a couple of lines about a local ride, event, meeting, local news or campaign activities are great content!

Social Media 

  • Are the Social Media links listed and easy find?  
  • Try adding prominent ‘Follow us on Twitter!’ and ‘Find us on Facebook!’ links with logo?


  • Are there lots of pictures?
  • Do the pictures represent the group and your activities in a positive way?
  • Is there a good diverse mix of people (including old / young, women, minorities, people with a disability?)
  • Do the images feature a range of types of cyclists, different bikes and ‘normal’ clothing? i.e not all just men in lycra!
  • Images convey a lot about your group so make sure they are positive and inclusive – you’ll find you attract more people to you group if your images give off a good impression!


Useful Info and Advice

  • Have you got links to or pages with relevant info or advice on cycling?
  • New to cycling / Getting started
  • Routes and journey planners & Safety tips
  • Cycle Training – e.g. what your local council offers
  • LCC members and the benefits of joining LCC
  • Local cycling facilities or schemes – bike hubs, bike hire, maintenance classes, bike cafes, cycle clubs etc
  • Local Council information
  • Links to Local Bike shops – this could be a good way to build a relationship with them!
  • How to report problems e.g. potholes


LCC website

  • Is there a link back to LCC site?
  • You can link back to LCC’s site – i.e. the News or Blogs page – if you don’t have an active news feed on your site - this might be an easy way to keep your website up to date, by borrowing or linking to LCC content.