Our borough groups are actively promoting cycling growth in your local area

Southwark local group has convinced Southwark council to put ‘considerate cycling’ signs up in parks, giving cyclists more freedom and better/safer routes. This is a huge development in councils recognising that cyclists and pedestrians can share space.

Local groups have been successful in lobbying for a review on the proposed road structure for the re-opening of Blackfriars Bridge, which failed adequately to address cycle safety. 

Our local groups have been instrumental in providing advice and consultation for the superhighways, cycle hire, biking boroughs and cycle training.
Southwark and Lambeth local groups have secured over £2m between them in cycling funding for their boroughs. This is a great role model for other local groups to follow, and we'll be facilitating the spread of best practice amongst all the groups.  

As a result of pressure from local cycling groups the mayor has allocated £4m of funding to the outer London ‘biking boroughs’ over the next three years.


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