London Cycling Survey

How does your Organisation score on our scale?     


The London Cycling Campaign’s Cycling Survey is a service offered to companies, businesses and institutions, rating the overall cycle performance of the organisation. Our survey takes into account both cycling infrastructure and cycling culture by assessing the provision, connectedness and initiatives on site. 

Each organisation will receive an overall score based on all of the factors assessed in the survey, and given a rating between A and E on our London Cycling Survey chart. Along with this rating each organisation will receive a summary of their cycle performance and, utilising London Cycling Project’s existing knowledge and expertise, a comprehensive list of simple steps that can be taken to improve their score.

The rating and next steps are useful to identify what can be done to increase the number of people cycling to the site or organisation, as well as informing internal discussions on cycling. The rating can also be an effective tool in the external lobbying for improved cycling provision.

If are interested in having your organisation rated then contact