Cyclists urged to write to their MP to protest against longer lorries

Cyclists all over the UK are being urged to write to their MP to protest against Government plans to allow longer articulated lorries on every street.

Lorries already account for over half the cyclist fatalities in Greater London, and it's feared the new monster trucks are likely to be involved in even more crashes. 

The new lorries are likely to:

  • Pose an enormous risk to walkers and cyclists because of their larger size and reduced manoevrability and visibility
  • Force local authorities to build wider streets and shallower turns to accommodate the longer lorries, which encourage all vehicles to drive faster
  • Block small streets in many towns and cities, which aren't designed for them
  • Have an increased likelihood of jack-knifing on motorways

Those in favour of the move say there's an environmental benefit in having fewer lorry journeys, but the true outcome is likely to be more road trips as freight is forced off environmentally friendly trains and back on the roads.

Campaigners are frustrated that the longer lorries measure is being introduced as a 'trial', which means it avoids proper Parliamentary scrutiny.

You might want to use the following letter to write to your MP:

Write to your MP

Dear [YOUR MP]

I am writing to express my concern at plans to allow 2m-longer trailers on articulated lorries all across the UK.

As a daily cyclist and walker in Greater London, I'm already concerned about the number of lorry deaths in the capital, and I'm very worried that allowing longer lorries will immediately increase the risk I face on the roads.

I'm also deeply concerned that the long-term effects of allowing bigger lorries will be that Transport for London and local councils are forced to build roads that are wider and have shallower turns to accommodate these vehicles.

Bigger roads encourage all motor vehicles to travel faster, meaning the long-term effect of longer lorries will be a much more road danger for people like me.

I urge you to call for Department for Transport to cancel the proposed longer lorries 'trial', which is being implemented without the proper Parliamentary scrutiny that would apply to a new law.

Longer lorries will mean fractionally increased profits for a small number of large hauliers who can carry larger loads, while the rest of us must suffer increased risk on the roads and less liveable cities.

Please do all you can to stop this unnecessary and unpleasant measure.

Your sincerely


No More Lethal Lorries

In recent years, we've led the way in campaigning for reduced road danger from lorries in Greater London.

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