Love London, Go Dutch Matrix

What is the 'Love London, Go Dutch' Matrix?

The matrix is a way of quickly assessing proposed infrastructural projects or options against the Love London, Go Dutch (LLGD) principles. Mayor Johnson has signed up to the Love London, Go Dutch campaign.

In February 2013, Ben Plowden, Transport for London’s Director of Better Routes and Places, told us that "we are now looking at the remaining Cycle Superhighways […] and other junctions in the Junction Review where we are seeing how far we can incorporate the Go Dutch principles".

The matrix provides a relatively simple tool to help LCC establish the extent to which different designs do incorporate LLGD principles.

We’ve translated the 10 LLGD principles into 37 criteria, which are Yes/No questions.

The matrix is not intended to guide higher-level decisions about where routes should go; it’s designed to be used to assess the quality of the cycling environment that will be provided along a chosen route.

The matrix could be used, for example, to help activists compare several options for improving a main road cycle route, or to help evaluate designs for sections of a superhighway or junction scheme.

It won’t necessarily be useful in all contexts: for example, it may be more applicable to cycle routes on and alongside roads and streets, rather than routes through parks.

How to use the matrix

Download the matrix

Decide whether each of the 37 criteria has been met, partially met, or not met for the route or section under consideration.

You can add these up to provide a rough score where different options are being compared, to give an initial indication of which option might fit better with the Love London, Go Dutch principles.

Comments can be noted by each criterion, especially where there are particular issues or reasons why a criterion is particularly important (or not).

Looking at the completed matrix should help highlight areas of a scheme that are notably good or bad, and the extent to which the Love London, Go Dutch principles seem to have been followed in designing the scheme.

How was it developed?

An original draft produced by London Cycling Campaign staff was developed, edited and commented on by staff and LCC members by means of an iterative process between January and March 2013.

LCC members were invited to comment and edit through invitations posted on email lists including LCC-issues, policy, engineering and borough co-ordinator lists.


Feedback on the matrix is very welcome and will help us review and refine it – please email Rachel Aldred, chair of the LCC Policy Forum via When giving feedback, it would be helpful if you could include your filled-in matrix sheets and the designs you're assessing.

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The 'When do Cyclists Need Protected Space' document should be read alongside the Love London, Go Dutch Matrix because it lays out what 'safe and inviting' means in terms of motor traffic speeds and volumes.

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