Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Photo: Elaine Kramer

The joint London Cycling Campaign and Living Streets briefing documents on "Low Traffic Neighbourhoods"...

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: An Introduction For Policy Makers

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This "five minute guide" to low traffic neighbourhoods lays out the basics of what happens when you stop motor vehicle traffic cutting from one main road, straight through an area, to the next main road over. Hint: it's a big win for walking, cycling and local community.

This document shows the time-poor councillors the basics of the approach, seen in the award-winning in the Waltham Forest mini-Holland schemes, as well as for decades in Hackney (and Holland, Barcelona, and other major cities).

A Guide To Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

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For officers, this longer document outlines many of the benefits, possible approaches and pitfalls to low traffic neighbourhoods and modal filter cells. It also lays out a potential engagement strategy to head off the dreaded "bikelash" and highlights how low traffic neighbourhoods can successfully be integrated with other walking and cycling schemes.

Both documents draw on interviews with and expertise from campaigners who have direct experience of such schemes in both organisations, but also councillors, engineers, planners, engagement specialists and other organisations involved in such schemes.