The Mayor's Cycling Vision following Love London, Go Dutch

Love London, Go Dutch was a campaign calling for the Mayor of London to make our streets more liveable for everyone by making them as safe and inviting for cycling as they are in Holland. We launched the campaign in February 2012, and in the weeks before the 3 May 2012 mayoral election the five leading candidates promised to implement our three Go Dutch commitments, starting the move towards installing continental-standard cycling infrastructure in the capital.

In 2013, London's Mayor Boris Johnson published his Vision for Cycling as a direct response to our campaign demands. It promised:

 - £100m (instead of £19m) set aside for implementing the Better Junctions Review

 - A commitment to delivering future Cycle Superhighways to 'close to international standards'.

 - One to three "mini-Holland" developments in outer London showcasing how town centres can be redesigned around cycling.

 - The development of a London cycling network, including a Central London Bike Grid, a key LCC demand.

 -   A London wide network of superhighways, quietways and local connections ("essentially the London Cycle Network done properly" in the words of his Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan, speaking to LCC) and described as a 'Tube network for the bike'

We're now campaigning for the high quality delivery of the schemes outlined in the Mayor's Vision. Find out how they're going below.

Cycle superhighways

Better junctions