Cycling holidays in the Danube, Moselle and Rhine

Mercurio Bike Travel offers guided cycling holidays across Germany and Austria’s most picturesque countryside.

In small groups of about 12 people, visitors cycle along beautiful rivers such as the Danube, Rhine and Moselle, chosen for their excellent cycle paths and fascinating local cultures and traditions.

Groups are accompanied by two experienced and bilingual guides. One guide cycles with the group, while the other prepares a delicious picnic and transports luggage to the next hotel.

In addition the guides organise tours at notable places and manage everything else that may come up, making your trip entirely carefree.

To ensure your cycling holidays are as relaxing as possible, all tours provide maximum level of service, from picking you up at the airport to getting your luggage into your hotel room. All you need to do is savour your hassle-free and joyful holiday.

To take part, you don’t need to be a cycling hero. The guides set a pace that people of all fitness levels feel comfortable with. Climbs are rare as the paths follow rivers through gentle countryside.

Many guests are between 45 and 75 years of age, though many moderate routes are also perfect for young families with kids too.

Sample cycling routes

1. Cycling the Danube: Passau to Vienna

This classic cycle path starts in Passau, the 'City of Three Rivers': The German Danube is joined here by the Inn and the Ilz River. Shortly after their meeting, the Danube shows three different colours flowing at the same time.

The cycle route winds through the timbered Danube valley, beside vineyards and orchards, along an old towpath. Eventually it leads you to Vienna, the magnificent capital of Austria.

On the way, you visit the mighty Melk Abbey, travel through areas of unspoiled natural beauty, and taste local wines at one of Austria’s most appreciated wine estates.

2. Cycling the Moselle and Rhine

If you love wine or just the view over gentle hillsides of grapevine, you have come to the right place. Two thousand years ago, the Romans brought grape to the region, with the slate soil providing ideal conditions.

The region is perfect for cyclists too, with the Moselle valley having a consistently more pleasant temperature surrounding areas.

Your cycle route follows the Moselle to the city of Koblenz, where the river flows into the Rhine.

From here, the route leads up the Rhine through its most romantic section, where castles nestle up against sheer rock walls.

The route ends in the charming town of Rudesheim, famous for the narrow 'Drosselgasse' lane where you'll get lost in the numerous snug taverns and restaurants.

This is certainly a perfect place to celebrate your journey with your newly found friends.

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