Have your party leaders pledged to create a Liveable London?

Ahead of the local election, thousands of you got in touch with your party leaders before the election to ask them to support a more Liveable London.

The joint campaign by London Cycling Campaign and Living Streets asked party leaders to demonstrate their commitment to a more Liveable London by pledging to submit a high-quality Liveable Neighbourhood bid.

The campaign has been a sucess, with the results announced so far meaning that:  

  • 55% of newly elected borough leaders committed to a high-quality Liveable Neighbourhood
  • 7 boroughs have cross-party support for a high-quality Liveable Neighbourhood
  • 54% of boroughs currently without funding for a Liveable Neighbourhood have committed to submitting a high-quality bid over the course of this term

We will update this page as the election results are announced. 

The full list of pledges is in alphabetical order below (by borough):


Jack Cohen – Liberal Democrat Party

Barry Rawlings - Labour Party

Barnet Green Party


John Warren - Conservative Party


Angela Wilkins - Labour Party

Liberal Democrat Party

Women's Equality Party

Ann Garrett and John Street – Green Party


Siân Berry – Green Party

Steven Crosher - Liberal Democrat Party 

Georgia Gould – Labour Party


Stuart King - Labour Party

Peter Underwood – Green Party

Peter Ladanyi - Liberal Democrat Party


Julian Bell - Labour Party

Gary Malcolm - Liberal Democrat Party

Ealing Green Party

Gregory Stafford - Conservative Party


Alex McRae & Kate McGeevor – Green Party

Doug Taylor - Labour Party


Dan Garrun - Green Party


Philip Glanville - Mayoral Candidate – Labour Party

Alastair Binnie-Lubbock - Mayoral candiate - Green Party

Hammersmith and Fulham

Stephen Cowan - Labour Party

Hammersmith and Fulham Green Party


Labour Party

Gail Engert – Liberal Democrat Party

Green Party


Christopher Noyce - Liberal Democrat Party

Emma Wallace - Green Party


Keith Darvill - Labour Party

Havering Liberal Democrat Party


Mark Keir - Green Party


Steve Curran – Labour Party

Daniel Goldsmith - Green Party


Caroline Russell - Green Party

Ed McGuinness - Conservative Party

Kate Pothalingam - Liberal Democrat Party

Richard Watts - Labour Party

Kensington and Chelsea

Robert Atkinson - Labour Party

Kensington and Chelsea Green Party


Lib Peck - Labour Party

Scott Ainslie - Green Party 

Peter Truesdale - Liberal Democrat Party

Tim Briggs - Conservative Party


John Coughlin - Mayoral Candidate - Green Party


Charles Barraball – Green Party

Mary-Jane Jeanes - Liberal Democrat Party


Rokhsana Fiaz - Mayoral candidate - Labour Party

Gareth Benjamin Evans - Mayoral candidate - Liberal Democrat Party

Newham Green Party


Ashley Gunstock – Green Party

Richmond upon Thames

Monica Saunders – Green Party

Jennifer Churchill - Labour Party

Gareth Roberts - Liberal Democrat Party

Richmond Conservative Party


Anood Al-Samerai - Liberal Democrat Party

Eleanor Margolies - Green Party


Charlie Mansell - Labour Party

Maeve Tomlinson – Green Party

Ruth Dombey - Liberal Democrat Party

Tower Hamlets

Anwara Ali - Mayoral candidate - Conservative

Elaine Bagshaw – Mayoral candidate - Liberal Democrat Party

John Biggs - Mayoral candidate - Labour

Ciaran Jebb – Mayoral candidate – Green Party

Rabina Khan - Mayoral candidate - People's Alliance of Tower Hamlets

Waltham Forest

Andrew Johns - Green Party

Clyde Loakes - Labour Party


Simon Hogg – Labour Party

Di McCann – Green Party

Caroline Ogden – Liberal Democrats Party

Ravi Govindia - Conservative Party


Nickie Aiken - Conservative Party

Adam Hug – Labour Party            

Sarah Ryan - Liberal Democrat Party

Westminster Green Party