Residential streets should be relaxing places to cycle, walk and enjoy


Love thy Neighbourhood


A doubling of local journeys made by bike within the next mayoralty


Many of our local streets throb with traffic or have been reduced to backstreet rat-runs. High volumes of motor vehicles in local neighbourhoods and residential areas discourages people from using a bike to go shopping near home or use local amenities.

We've reached the sad situation where around half of journeys under a couple of miles are now made by car.

On top of that. motor traffic has also been shown to reduce the number of neighbours we're likely to interact with as the noise, pollution and danger drive us back into our homes.

Pavements in many areas have shrunk, and some even have cars parked on them.

Letting your kids play in the street, as generations have done before, is now likely to receive disapproving tuts from the neighbours.

It wasn't always like this. And it doesn't have to stay this way forever.


Making neighbourhoods cycle-friendly requires the authorities to come up with the right mix of solutions in any given area, from car-free zones to residential cycle parking.

High profile cycle-friendly neighbourhoods will showcase what a cycling city should look like and will inspire all neighbourhood developments to be the same in future.

The way forward has already been demonstrated in places such as De Beauvoir Town in Hackney, where the closure of many streets to through motor traffic has been welcomed by residents, who've seen their quality of life and house prices rise.

Miraculous effects can be had on streets often just for the cost of a few bollards, which makes creating safer neighbourhoods a sensible, cost-effective solution.

Achieving a target of doubling the number of local journeys made by bike is one of the best ways to help us love our neighbourhoods a bit more.

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